By using the service, you have countless benefits. We have a specialized technical team with professionals who will provide all the necessary support so that your product Realce has greater performance and durability. You can make a schedule online if you require installation or repair.
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Every Realce product comes with a specific manufacturing code. This code gives your Realce product a personality. It is with it that we can identify the type of line and series of manufacture, facilitating the localization and understanding the need on a fast and efficient way.
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Frequent Asked Questions
1. What is the difference between authorized technical assistance and specialized technical assistance?
Realce authorized technical assistance is the commercial establishment authorized by CSM Indústria e Comércio de Stoves Ltda (manufacturer of the brand) for product maintenance within the term of the legal guarantee or contractual guarantee. However, authorized assistance also performs out-of-warranty servicing and uses original parts from the manufacturer for the realizations of these repairs, which provides the consumer with quality repairs even when maintenance is costly to the consumer.

For this reason, we always recommend that the consumer use the authorized network service. The addresses and telephone numbers of authorized technical assistance can be found online or telephone service channels (49) 3664 8500
2. How do I know what is the budget for repairing out-of-warranty products?
The budget is provided by the technician ONLY at the time of the technical visit. During this visit the technician evaluates the product and makes a budget available for the consumer. If the budget and payment method are approved, the technician schedules a new visit to complete the repair.
Note.: The fee for the technical visit may be deducted from the budget, however this practice is at the discretion of the assistance, as it is an out-of-warranty service.
Important: There is no way to report repair value before the technical evaluation.
3. What's included in my product warranty?
Your Realce product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects, for a period of 12 (twelve) months, counted from the date of the issuance of the Invoice or the delivery of the product.
The warranty conditions are:
3 (three) first months - legal guarantee;
9 (nine) last months - contractual guarantee, granted by CSM industria e comércio de fogões Ltda. This includes free replacement of parts and labor to correct defects duly noted by the manufacturer or the Realce Services Network as well as manufacturing.
The warranty covers the replacement of parts and labor in the repair of defects duly verified by the manufacturer or the Realce Services Network, when the analysis indicates that it is manufacturing.
The product will have exclusive technical assistance by the Realce Services Network for the duration of the periods above.
The 12 month warranty does not cover: the use of the product that is not exclusively domestic; improper use, negligence or accidents and natural disasters; expenses with transportation, packaging and insurance, in case of need of repairs outside the urban perimeter of the cities and/or localities where the Realce Services Network exists; expenses with the installation of the product and preparation of the place for it (electric, hydraulic and gas network); faults arising from installation or use in breach of the specifications and recommendations of the Instruction Manual; and signs of product violation or tampering with its identification. Realce is not responsible for transportation problems such as: Broken glass, crushed pieces.
4. Can I use aluminum foil or some similar in my Realce stove to avoid it to periodically grease?
No, this can stain the table or clog the gas outlet, damaging the performance of the flame and its safety. Avoid electric shocks.
5. How do I clean my stove?
Firstly, unplug your stove from the outlet and close the gas register. If you just used it, wait for it to cool to avoid burns.

- Never use sharp or pointed objects to clean the parts of your stove.

-If any liquid or food is spilled in the oven, turn it off, wait for it to cool, and wipe it to avoid staining, clogging, and attraction of insects.

- On your white stove, you can use degreasers in cleaning; on the stainless steel, only neutral detergent, water and soft cloth.

- Dry after cleaning to avoid staining.

- Do not use steel wool, chlorine or similar to clean the table and the stainless-steel areas of your stove; use it only on oven grids (trivets), burners, covers (black caps) and on the movable floor of the oven. Do not immerse the burners and covers while still hot in cold water - they may be damaged by thermal shock.
6. Can I switch on my stove in any outlet?
No, choose an exclusive socket and in perfect condition to turn on your stove and use exclusive thermal circuit breakers to protect your appliance. If the power distribution board in your home does not have thermal breakers available, call a qualified electrician to install them.
7. How to install my stove?
Before calling the technician, arrange for the release of the gas at your residence with your state gas company. Refer to the "Installation" section of your Instruction Manual; You can install your stove following the guidelines in the Product Manual - if you prefer, you can call our local authorized representative for this purpose, but the service will not be free.


Install your stove with a minimum distance of 10 cm all the way around, for air circulation, and a minimum space of 70 cm between the tabletop and any surface above it, such as hood cabinets and scrubbers.
Install the feet of the stove before removing the tape that holds the plug and do not let it open during installation. Check that the gas supply is normal; follow the complete instructions for starting the oven in the operating instructions.
Make sure that your home has an exclusive socket and in perfect condition with the new standard of plugs, according to INMETRO, to connect your stove.
Make sure your home has a grounding system. If it does not, call a qualified electrician.
Install the stove so that the plug is accessible after the procedure; follow the specifications outlined in the instruction manual if you choose not to use the Realce Services Network for this.
8. What type of gas do I use on my stove?
There are three types of gas for home use: LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), NG (natural gas) and NG (naphtha gas). Realce stoves are factory ready for use with LPG gas; call our Service Network if you need to convert it to NG (natural gas).
9. I smell gas at home. Where do I go now?
First, close the gas register and open all windows and doors in your home to ventilate. Never, under any circumstances, ignite any type of flame or spark. Do not turn on the lights or turn on electrical products, such as fans and exhaust fans. Do not use cellular devices. If you do not identify the problem, please contact us.
10. The lamp of my oven burned. How do I change it?
First of all, close the gas register, unplug the stove, and make sure the Dual Function button is off.

- Turn the lamp guard clockwise until it loosens completely.
11. How to clean my oven?
First, unplug your stove from the socket and close the gas register. If you just used it, wait for it to cool to avoid burns. In some products, the inner walls are self-cleaning and coated with a special enamel that eliminates oil and grease stains when in operation. To remove excess grease, use a damp cloth or a soft sponge with neutral detergent or a degreasing product. Do not use steel or scouring sponges, pointed or sharp objects, or caustic or silicone cleaners; this can cause scratches and stains on your appliance.

Are you finished with the cleaning? Leave the oven on for one hour to eliminate moisture.
12. The stove will not light. What to do?

- If the power plug is connected; if the outlet is incompatible, replace it with a suitable one.

- If the gas register next to the cylinder is open.

- If the cylinder is not empty or there is gas in the network.

- If the burners (mouths) or their lighters are not dirty or wet.

- The perfect positioning of the gas outlets next to the burner lighters.

- If there is no power failure.
13. The oven will not light. What to do?

- If there is a bulb inside the oven.

- If the power plug is connected; if the outlet is incompatible, replace it with a suitable one.

- If there is no bad contact in the socket or lack of electrical power.

- If the bulb is not burnt.

- If the installation fuse in your home is not blown or if the circuit breaker was disarmed.

- If the lamp matches the system voltage.